This website has several different integrations with Twitter, allowing users to maintain a Twitter presence within the site as well as on Twitter. Integrations with Twitter include:

  • Twitter Feeds on Profiles: If configured, your feed will be automatically fetched and embedded on your user profile.
  • Follow Button: In the top right of every user's profile (if configured to have a Twitter), you can see your follow status and follow fellow users on Twitter.
  • Feed Integrations: In certain areas of the site, class Twitter feeds are embedded within the forums and threads for the class.

Account Association

If you are not registered for the site, you may choose "Register With Twitter" to automatically sign up for the sign and register via Twitter. This will associate your account.

If you are already registered, and need to manage your association, please visit the following page: You will be able to disassociate a personal account and use an account specific for your class.

Class Usage of Twitter

If you are registered for a class that uses Twitter, this site will utilize the Twitter account associated with your account (you must associate it using the methods mentioned above) to count the amount of tweets that count for your participation. This section explains how the site uses your Twitter account's data.

Since Twitter can be unreliable in displaying all the tweets associated with a class hashtag when searched, this site access each student's timeline directly. This means that the system will analyze every tweet on your account to determine if it will be counted towards your weekly total. If it determines the tweet is to be counted, our system will store the tweet for your instructor to access. If the tweet will not be counted, the system will store nothing.

As it currently stands, the following method(s) are used to determine if a tweet is to be counted towards your weekly participation:

  • The tweet contains the class hashtag.

As a user, you are able to view the tweets that were counted (and the counts) for each week by visiting your own profile and clicking on the associated tab.