Mentioning Users

This website includes a mention feature extremely similar to that of Facebook and Twitter. There are two methods to use to mention a user:

  • You can either type the at symbol (@) and begin typing, after which you will see a list of possible users:
    To select a user from the list, click on the name and the rest will be auto-completed. Regardless, if you type the whole name, the tag will still function.
  • In the bottom right of each post, you will see a link called "Tag". This link will bring focus on the editor and automatically add the appropriate tag to the user within the post that is being composed:
    link tagging

By mentioning a user, they will receive an alert (as long as their preferences allow it) to bring attention that someone mentioned them. By default, the first 5 users tagged will receive an alert.

Note: That if you edit a post and include a tag, those users (regardless of how many have previously been alerted), will not be alert to the tag.