Embedding Media

This page discusses how to embed media on the site and touches upon Prezi in particular.

Embedding within this Site

This site includes the ability to automatically embed several sites, including Prezi and YouTube. For a full list, please see this page.

To embed a URL, you can either use the [MEDIA] BBCode (as described in the page linked above), or you can copy and paste the link to your video inside of your post. The software will in turn automatically convert those URLs into the appropriate embedded media.

Embedding Prezi

Below, you will find the steps used to properly embed your Prezi presentation.

  1. First, create your presentation.
  2. Once you are ready to share your presentation, locate the "Share" menu (as shown below) and click on it.
    Share Menu
  3. Within that menu, click on "Share Prezi..."
    Share Prezi...
  4. On the menu that pops up, click on "Copy Link".
    Copy Link
  5. Finally, post the link into your post, finish your post, and click "Post Reply" / "Post Thread" and it will embed the following: