Alerts & Notifications

This page discusses notifications and alerts within this site.

Managing Alerts

Several types of alerts are enabled by default, including replies to watched threads and user tags. These alerts can be turned off via alert preferences.

You will only receive 1 alert for any specific post, and the order of precendence for which post-related alert is sent is the following order:

  1. Quoted Posts
  2. Post Tags
  3. Watched Thread
  4. Watched Forum

Things to Note

Besides only being alerted once, a few things should be noted about alerts:

  • Each user may only tag a maximum of 5 users within a post. Any more tags will be converted to the appropriate link (ie, Jeremy Dentel), however, those users will not be alerted. Only the first 5 users will receive an alert.
  • A single alert is sent for a watched thread or forum until the forum or thread is read and visited again.